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The right to do Nothing

This week went by super fast and was super busy! Coming back from vacation I get only new cases at work, and new cases take much more work then ones which have been going for a while. You have to start from scratch each time you know. Every situation is different.

Plus last weekend my team at work had a working weekend at a cabin in the woods. Yes girls we did have a great time too, and I found out lots of funny things about my colleagues LOL! Things which of course are sworn to secrecy, because that’s how it is with us girlfriends you know. But being on a working weekend we did work at least 10 hours each day I think. We were very effective making new plans for new activities and everyone I work with is really dedicated. Now we have to work on launching these new plans and without having a weekend off last week. Actually the two weeks kind of blurred into one big flurry of activity.


Bygdøy Museums from the fjord

So now finally we have Saturday. Renny is away celebrating his 25 year reunion with at least a part of his education (he went to several schools) and I have the whole weekend to myself. I had tons of plans of doing all kinds of things I love. Primarily I was thinking of going shopping, eating out and hitting the beach. Strangely a kind of California dream in the middle of Norway?? Yes well maybe it is the influence of the tv, who knows. The weather was gorgeos, the temperature was a bit cold but then again I wouldn’t have to go in the water to enjoy the view. Prime goal here was sunshine and a good book!

What did I do? Nothing! And I did a darn good job of it too 😉 Not true of course, nobody can do nothing. I spent a good amount of time on the net, checking out internet radio stations, reading articles and popping in to Facebook regularly. I slept – a lot – I slept till 10 this morning when I got up to see my dear hubby off, then around 2 I felt sleepy again. I went into what I like to call SuperBed and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz! A little embarrassing…I slept for THREE HOURS!

Well I feel kind of guilty and embarrassed, but then I guess my body needed those ZZZZzzzs and at least if I have trouble sleeping tonight I still have the day off tomorrow. And I have new ambitions for tomorrow. Shops are closed…thinking a trip into Oslo, lunch, a boat ride and the beach…sounds good. Probably a dream, but it sounds good.

Comments on: "The right to do Nothing" (6)

  1. Dear Diane !
    Occasionally it is good does nothing. We spent a week like crazy and then the weekend we have to put the house, clothes etc a day, so I sympathize with you that DO NOTHING is good. If you sleep a day is because the body and mind need it.
    Im glad your time doing nothing !
    I remenber your a lot !

    A big hug


  2. I excel at doing nothing!! Sometimes, on my day off, I can be so busy doing nothing that when I finally look at the clock, I can’t understand where the time has gone. Nothing wrong with a do-nothing day once in a while. And I think Maria is right, you needed the rest. Glad you got to enjoy a nice weekend to yourself.

    • I agree I really needed a day to do nothing, and sleep in. Today I was better. I got out in the sunshine this time, caught the ferry and enjoyed the beach!

  3. When we came back from Norway we were quite tired. The Monday after our return I stayed in bed most of the day reading a mystery. But we had to drive to Tennessee several days later so I had to unpack and repack.

  4. After working and represenetng so well during OsloBG, and with hubby away, well bzzzzz, was a brilliant option and the dreaming about a view we all see here above. Very impressive.

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