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Beach bum day!

I did better today. Made it to the islands and the beach. The weather was not quite as perfect today as it was yesterday but it was still pretty nice. Just some clouds passing through from time to time. I got up early, washed two loads of clothes and hung them out and then caught the bus to town.

There is a charming ferry boat which goes out to the islands. I have a beach in my local area too which I often use, but its nice to take the boat because then you get a half hour boat trip in Oslo fjord and it doesn’t cost any more than the bus ticket does. Which in my case is nothing because I have a monthly pass!

When I got home from the beach Renny was back from his trip. I took a cup of coffee out on the back steps and got some more sunshine before ending the evening with sweet and sour chicken and some quality sofa time with my sweetie!!


Comments on: "Beach bum day!" (6)

  1. Beutiful pictures !! Love the nature in Norway !

    A big hug


  2. Oh What a lovely day indeed Diane “D

  3. The weather still looks good enough to go to the beach!

    I think we suddenly entered fall here… the temperature dropped a lot these last couple of days.

  4. i love ferry boats. i don’t know if it is the fresh air, the water or the view, but ferries still give me a thrill.

  5. Langøyene?
    Excellent view

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