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When you look at my blog you see lots and lots of lovely blue skies and nordic nature. It may then surprise you to know that if I am being truly honest the weather this summer has really sucked! It is statistically the 4th rainiest summer in the recorded database and the Oslo area didn’t have a single day over 30 C (85 F) this year. That said you can understand why we run out and make the most of summer anytime the sun shines.


On board with incedibly large sunglasses

This is why I was so disappointed in myself when I slept away my day on Saturday. Because days like that have been few and far between. It was a relief then when I woke up on Sunday and found the sunshine was still there. We had a bit more clouds on Sunday but all in all a good enough summer day to get out and enjoy living by the fjord.


Oslo Island Ferry Boat

The Ferry system to the local islands is part of the total public transportation in Oslo. In a land divided by fjords it is only natural that the boats are a part of the local transportation scheme. And since I need to have a montly pass to get back and forth to work it means my little boat trip out to the islands cost me nothing – nada – zilch – because my card works on the boat too.


View of the Opera from the fjord

When sailing out from Oslo towards the islands I looked back and had a great view of the Oslo Opera House, which you can see is the white building right on the water. It looks like a glacier running out into the fjord. In the years to come all the traffic around it will be put into underground tunnels (the reason for the construction work you may see) and a renewed area of the city will appear.


Family fun on the fjord

Private family boating is a popular recreational activity here. I would love to have a boat myself, having grown up with one in upstate NY, but in this area the cost of docking your boat is incredible, so I am quite happy to use the ferry and thrilled when friends who have a boat invite us to visit!


Inviting green paths of Hovedøya

Hovedøya is a lovely green national park where all the plants and animals are protected. In addition it has a rich cultural heratige with monastery ruins from the 1100’s, the remains of a shipyard from 1640,and a bathing area from the beginning of 1914.


Monestary ruins from the 1100's

Above the remains of the Hovedøya Monestery. In 1532 the monastery burned down and was demolished. Stone remaining from the Monestary was used to build Akershus Fortress – Castle. Fourteenth century recycling! Cool!


Chinese kite flying on the beach

After crossing the island I came to the beach I was looking for. You didn’t think I forgot the beach did you? It wasn’t nearly as crowded as it is mid summer but as you can see there were people out enjoying the day. Like this chinese family who were really experts in flying a special kind of kite!


Lunch break for the Kyak group

Or a group of (totally hot) Kyakers who stopped on the island to eat their lunch and take a break, and even a little swim.


Romantic late summer swim

Not exacly the tropics, but romantic none the less!


View across the fjord to Oslo City Hall

On the way back I just had to take this photo with Oslo City in the background. The town hall is directly in the middle and I thought, this photo will make my sweetie proud hehehe. The weather on the way back was if possible even better then on the way to the island but one learns the hard way. If you wait too long to leave Hovedøya you might wind up waiting for a ferry or three before you get room on board. The island wasn’t SO crowded this Sunday afternoon but I wasn’t taking any chances. Besides RennyBA was home from his adventures and I wanted to hear about his trip!

Comments on: "Cruising to the Islands in Oslo fjord" (19)

  1. What a fun day. I love the water and especially boating. I would have loved this day very much.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

    • You probably would love the boat ride, but I bet we wouldn’t get you into the water 😆 It’s quite a bit colder here then you are used to!

  2. I can see the glow in you Diane….what a beautiful day 😀

  3. Once again, our countries are so similar… When I said in my last post I felt like I was in New Zealand visiting this part of rural Ontario, I should have said ‘Norway”!

  4. My Dear Diane !!
    Through your photos I can smell the air of Oslo, the air that has me totally hooked and when I breathe I feel peace.
    That most fashion photos! Your image is beautiful!
    Thanks Diane for being the best guide of Oslo.

    A big hug


    • Yes, those glasses were really big glamorous 😆 With the wind blowing in my hair and all! The Norwegian air is especially fresh and good especially by the sea. However I would love to come and try some Spanish air…just to compare you know!

  5. Yes, good weather makes you and everybody happy, I think. Beatiful pictures. I miss you all and Oslo as well. Kisses and hugs.

  6. We have the same problem over here it all could be so nice and beautiful. On sunday I went to the beach and got almost sunburnt, lol ! It was a real nice summer day with 21°C, but since then it rains again although it’s not cold. But the days get shorter that’s even worse in your country, soon you will sit in the dark the whole day ! I complain already when it gets dark at 5 pm !

  7. Yes we are rapidly losing the sunshine too and it doesn’t warm the way it did in the middle of the summer. Our countries are getting the same weather patteren this year, so it doesn’t surprise me you are having much the same weather. As I understand it the wind is blowing down from Siberia into Europe (and Scandinavia). If you ask me they can good keep that weather in Sibera, its cold enough here as it is!! 😆

  8. Your pictures were lovely. I enjoyed looking at the City Hall and knowing what it really looks like up close and inside. And all this is because of you and Renny who organized such a great OsloBG. What a great time we had. Too bad that my knees almost gave up after the week on the “classic” ship with no elevator but we did see so much in Oslo. I just read all your posts I missed and commented on most. I have many pictures and will have posts on Norway for a while. I’ll intercept with other subjects but I’ll eventually get to the OsloBG. I am behind on answering all the posts my friends wrote and we are going on a trip again. We are going to Savannah which is an old and historic city in the south of Georgia but by the sea. So, I’ll be pleased to look at the sea which I miss since we left. The weather forecast indicates that it will be sunny and warm – in the 80s (30 C +).

  9. It’s raining here, but we’ve had a very hot summer and I am welcoming today’s rian, even if it foiled my plans for a walk. But yuor day looked fabulous.

  10. Lovely photos Diane and you look lovely there as well. Totally hot kayakers indeed! I can see the six packs all the way from here lol!

  11. sorry i have not been around much. it’s been a bit crazy here. sorry also to hear your summer was a bit disappointing in the weather dept. if would could have balanced yours with ours maybe we’d both have been ok. we are having a drought here and had some very oppressive heat.

    love the shots of all the fun at the fjord though. the beach especially…

  12. Hi, dear Diane!
    New post about Oslo Blog Gathering in my Blog.
    Sorry, I had not yet time to make the english translation, but maybe you can do it easily, only to read the post.
    Kisses and hugs.

  13. Dear Diane,
    I do agree with you regarding the lack of Summer:
    So when the sky is blue we wake up and enjoy the nature and the beauty of the Oslo area.
    Like what you here so fabulously documents with genuine photos.

    By some reason the old Monestery, which for several hundres of years used the Museum Peninsula of Bygdöy as a land(it was an island at that time) for both herbs, medical plants, crops, animals etc, is not on the official tourist map. It should be. And the puppet theatre and concerts given there during Summer.

    When talking about a Boat:
    Do you remember you and Anna in the Canoe at Lake Vänern?
    Even your darlig Sons and the “old” hubbys did go canoeing in Mariestad.
    Got an idea?

    Have a great rest of the week;-)

  14. Reading your post and admiring the beautiful pictures you put here I am in the feeling now I am still in Oslo and walking again around the fjord!!!! It’s a real nostalgy. we had so good time together!
    We will enter in the automn now. We are waiting for Tor. It will be a joy to receive him and telling again around the table about the Oslo BG.

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