About the changing world all around us

I am now blogging from my telephone from a cabin just outside Rjukan in Telemark, Norway. The cabin is owned by my friends family and is a really cozy place to be. Sitting by the fire at night and talking. Enjoying the fresh mountain air and scenery in the day time. Words dont do the experience justice.


Comments on: "Snowy September mountains in Norway" (9)

  1. Hei hei Diane ! Beutifull picture . Have a nice time in Telemark.
    I miss you !
    A big hug


  2. wow! it’s like you skipped fall completely!

  3. Wow, how does it feel to get this sudden glimpse of winter?

  4. Early Winter up there. Then it’s good to stay inside with good friends.
    Fascinating Nature

  5. That’s a beautiful photo Diane! I am actually looking forward for the winter. Btw, if you don’t mind can I have your home address. I forgot to ask Renny about that. Just send it to me on FB or email so I can save it on my address book. 🙂

  6. Wahou!!! You are at mountain and I see already snow!!! Sounds you have good time!
    You in the snow and Renny always in indian summer on a lake!!!
    Have good time and enjoy!!!

  7. You always post the most beautiful pictures, Diane! This one makes me shiver and look forward to cozy evenings in by the fire. Bring on winter!!! 🙂

  8. Wow. Beautiful when looking at it here at your blog. I hate winter but can appreciate it’s beauty. We actually saw the first snowflakes over here today, but it was more like tiny hails. Brrr. I wanna escape!!!

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