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It’s been a long time since I have been in and posted anything. Everything seems to be back in full swing in the fall and I have been busy both on the weekdays and on the weekends. This weekend we have been home however and used Sunday afternoon to do some fall photo hunting.

Fall colors on forest lake

Fall colors on forest lake

First we stopped at Solighøgda and went for a walk into the woods to find this rural lake. The colors were really beautiful and the water was still so we got excellent reflection. Here you can of course see a famous blogger, RennyBA, taking some photos I am sure you will be seeing quite soon.

Utvik in Nes

Utvik in Nes

Bit by the photography bug we decided to go back to the car and drive a bit further into Hole municipality since the colors were really at their peak right now. We have had a lot of wet weather and I was really afraid a lot of the leaves had fallen already but as you can see they are still hanging on.

Our fall break is over here and my son has had his last fall vacation. He will graduate this year so next year it will be work instead. Hope he enjoyed it! The days are also getting shorter and it won’t be long now before we are setting the clocks to winter time. To make sure we don’t get too cold and dark RennyBA and I have been working on some secret plans. We will be taking some trips in November, which of course will give us plenty to photograph and plenty to write about….if I only find the time 🙂

Comments on: "Fall photo hunting in Hole, Norway" (13)

  1. I’m sure you will!

  2. We don’t have all the fall colors here. We don’t have much of a winter either. Very beautiful indeed.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  3. Oh, that is so beautiful! You know how much I like reflections in the water, and fall colours really add to the atmosphere.

    Trees are getting red here too but it rained a lot so it’s not as nice as usual.

  4. These are beautiful, Diane!

  5. Wow those are gorgeous reflection photos.

  6. Beatifull pictures !! Love Norway
    A big hug dear Diane


  7. […] days. It would mean sweaters, picnic baskets and other gear to make the trip a success. My wife (click here to read her post from the same trip) has obviously had some of the same as this was what she served […]

  8. I read your husband’s post so I had to stop by and visit you too.

    What beautiful autumn shots in Norway. There’s nothing like the beauty of this land and sea.

  9. Beautiful fall magic 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have a great trip in November – most countries except the Scandinavia’s are pleasant in November… hi hi …

  10. Beatiful colours of fall in Norway. Excelent post. Thanks for sharing.
    Kisses and hugs.

  11. sharonsmum.anne@gmail.com said:

    Beautiful post, thank you for sharing.

  12. Well I love seeing these shots, they are so beautiful and remind of Tahoe area that we just visited a bit (but with less fall colors)… And your secret plans, oh my mind races with furry.. Can’t wait to hear where you guys are going!

  13. Fantastic colours and Photos.
    The Fall Beauty at it’s best.

    Have a great Weekend.

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