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We are having a cold fall this year in the Oslo area, and it seems we are rapidly moving toward the winter season. The days are now getting noticeably shorter and the temperatures at night are below freezing just about every day now.

Beautiful fall colors on Sandvika shoreline

Beautiful fall colors on Sandvika shoreline

Still we have had some nice color and RennyBA and I have taken several weekend trips to capture the fall colors on our respective mobile phone cameras and digital cameras, so here are some highlights from this year’s fall color show in Norway!

Yellow birch lined path

Yellow birch lined path

I love the smell of fall and the crunching of leaves reminds me of my childhood. Walking home from school in the afternoon I loved to romp along in the crunchy new fallen leaves and kick them up into the air.

Crunch of fallen leaves under my feet

Crunch of fallen leaves under my feet

And on a sunny Sunday afternoon a fall picnic is every bit as enjoyable as a summer picnic, and without the wet bathing suits!

Fall lake side picnic with famous blogger husband RennyBA

Fall lake side picnic with famous blogger husband RennyBA

When planning this picnic photo hunt RennyBA said “I want fall colors and I want water!” Fortunately we found both, and traveling around with another avid photograph and blogger I am never lacking for someone interesting to photograph!

RennyBA took some very tempting photograpghs of my homemade lunch

RennyBA took some very tempting photograpghs of my homemade lunch

Water and changing leaves do make a truly magical combination, don’t you think!!

Color on the water, color on the trees

Color on the water, color on the trees

I know I have not been blogging as much lately, and not commenting much either. I apologize for that, if you are looking for me I usually check in on facebook but I have been spending less time online lately. I always feel more tired in the fall and my job is taking up a lot of my energy. I also have a few personal projects going on in my private life. But never fear I am still around and I am sure my blogging and visits will increase again when I adjust to the darker season!!

Comments on: "Fall foilage highlights from Norway" (17)

  1. Nice colours and wonderfull landscape. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fabulous shots and I love that Renny posed for you too! It’s been a cold Autumn here in the states as well.

  3. Adore the first photo. Gorgeous colouring and wonderful shadow. I’m not missing autumn as I thought I might but it’s nice to see pictures of it 🙂

  4. Amazing! And I get the full experience thanks to the “fall blog makeover” 😉

    I love how Renny takes pictures of the food – I would eat first and think of taking pictures afterwards 😆

    • The fall blog makeover is taken from a photo which I didn’t publish otherwise on my blog. From the seaside in Sandvika. Lots of maple trees there, although they don’t get as orange as they do in New England.

      I often have to wait quite a few minutes while he does his photo thing – seems like I do all the work (make the food) and he gets all the credit (lol)

  5. Beautiful photos Diane and I love the new fall look! Caroline x

  6. Beautifull photos Diane ! Norway its amazing country , you know Im inconditional fan of Norway !
    A big hug


  7. Beauuuutiful fall color photos. Just enjoying them….. ah…. Mother nature sure does great paintings!

    BTW: I still find it irresistable to kick up fallen leaves into the air…. *giggles*

  8. such lovely shots. fall really is my very favorite season!

  9. Brrrr! But the golden trees are beautiful.

  10. Fantastic pictures, Diane! Fall is my favorite time of year and the colors this year have been spectacular! Ian and I have taken a couple of nice walks along the coast of Vestfold and have been in awe of the natural beauty all around us. Like you, I don’t look forward to the dark days ahead but I try to remember it’s really only three months, since it starts getting light again in early February. We can take it!!! Don’t worry about blogging and commenting; you take care of yourself and see us when you see us. xxoo

  11. Anaïs told me she loves automn in Finland cause the colors of leaves. I see it’s the same wonderful landscape in Norway. Here south of Provence we have not all those colours because many leaves are still green and I think we have to wait a little . But even we don’t have such colours. Only the virgo grap is totaly red and nice and I think I will plant one in front of my new hous to admire this automn colour on the façade.
    Like you I didn’t blog and post comment for a long time. Too much time for school, theater and now I learn playing piano.

  12. Your fall colors are very beautiful. I’d love to walk on that shoreline or the yellow birch path. This week-end we will drive to the North Georgia Mountains to see if we can find some colors, but I don’t think they will be as nice as those on your photographs.

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