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November Sunset Beauty

Fall is moving on to winter now in Scandinavia. This weekend was All Saints Day in the Scandinavian countries which in many places marks the beginning of winter the way Midsummer night marks the beginning of summer. Some hardy plants and flowers still have their bloom, like our lovely large geraniums which are helped to survive by the warmth and shelter of living on our balcony. Most of the leaves have fallen now and frankly I had planned on putting my camera away until we travel again. I think of Novermber as a dark and ugly month with little leaves on the trees and the snow not yet covering the ground and making it sparkle.

Dynamic Sunset dock

Dynamic Sunset over the dock

What is good about November? It’s the season when you can start lighting your fireplace and setting candles about the room. I went and bought new candles in cranberry colors to warm up and light up our home. It’s the season when you can take out your fuzzy wool socks and sweaters and enjoy the warm snuggly feeling of wool – something I learned to appreciate in Norway. Now when fall comes I actually look forward to breaking out my favorite hand made wool socks, mittens, hats and sweaters.

mittens and socks

Wool mittens and socks

And yes here in Scandinavia there is still an appreciation for hand knitted clothes. I remember my Grandmother produced large amounts of socks and mittens and some very creative hats in the 70s but it seems to me that in the US clothes are only valued if they are bought and brand new. There are many who have lost appreciation for that favorite old piece of clothing that looks feels and even smells like home…or the handmade socks and mittens that I have found a new love for today. I hope I am wrong here, I do hope that it was only the people around me who forgot how to love hand knitted accessories.

Novembertrip 033

Fall Sunset

My sweet and loving husband RennyBA showed me the beauty of nature again today. Just when I thought it was dark and depressing out there he invited me to a sunset picnic on the beach. We have a strong appreciation for sunsets and nature, and as you may have noticed from our photo archives we love the light you get when the sun has just gone down. I took up his invitation and prepared a little coffee and some cookies for us to nibble on and we went to the beach just as the sun was setting. The yellow, orange, and pink colors in the sky and reflected in the water were truly an amazing sight. I am so glad that my sweet hubby RennyBA is here to remind me that the world is indeed also beautiful in November. All photographs were taken with my fantastic NokiaX6 mobile phone! Good camera for a phone, huh!!

sunset silloutte

Sunset Sillouette

We will be traveling a bit in November as well. In 10 days we are going to Brussels and will be able to take some lovely photos there, then in about 2 weeks we are traveling to Portugal on a mini vacation and will be catching up with Perola de Cultura and her husband Luis to reminisce about the blog gathering and be shown around the fair city of Lisbon.

Comments on: "November Sunset Beauty" (19)

  1. I’m a summer girl. I know you both love all the seasons, but summer is my favorite. I don’t like wearing lots of clothes and I hate shoes. I just want to wear flip-flops all year. It’s cold and raining here. Sigh.

    The photographs are beautiful.

    Have a terrific day. Enjoy the changing season. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  2. Diane, I loved your photos! Did you take them?! So nice…really! And I wish that you have a wonderful trip to Portugal ( where my mother was born). Kisses from Brazil!

    • Thanks! I am really looking forward to our trip. Yes I did take the photos and not only that they were taken with my NokiaX6 mobile phone!

  3. Yes indeed it is beautiful in November too my dear and to share the sunset at the beach this afternoon makes it even more gorgeous!

  4. There is so much that is beautiful in November. The light, the sunsets and yes, even the frost in the morning. My warm clothes are out now and I am looking forward to our first fire in the hearth!
    Isn’t there beauty in every part of the ever changing seasons?

    • Yes of course all the seasons is beautiful. God blessed us in the North with an abundance of change and we are thankful. And I do love to look at the frost in the morning, the way it clings to every strand of grass and even the spiders delicate web…beautiful!

  5. Lovely pictures and beautiful sunsets! I just loved it! Thanks!

  6. That first shot is breath-taking.

    I don’t much care for winter, although I do like some cool-weather clothes. But not wool – I can’t wear any sort of wool, not even cashmere. Too itchy.

    • I used to have a hard time with wool too, but I learned to wear cotton underneath. Now that I have gotten used to it I don’t itch anymore. There are also many new kinds of wool which don’t itch. I have wool t-shirt and longjohns that I just love!

  7. I love it Diane and I feel so calm and peaceful just by looking at the photos 😀

  8. Diane precious photos! You know I like the cold, Norway and you:))
    That I have wanted to see the photos when you go to see Helen and Louis.
    When are you going to organize the next blogger meting in Oslo? I’m looking forward, of course my husband knows that I have no choice.
    A big kiss

  9. These colors are amazing! Purple sunsets are gorgeous, and so is the scenery.

    November is quite grey indeed… and cold. I can’t think of any good reason for that month to exist!

  10. November is a periode of year we knew a Summer is over and the Winter is about to enter. Some years November can be mild and dark, other years it might be cold but lightned up by Frost and Snow on the Ground. With clear sky then, it’s beautiful, like you so well have documented here with your beautiful Photos.

    btw. I stayed in bed with a cold the first week of November this year, so I could not enjoy the nice weather outside.
    Wish you both a good journey both to Bruxelles and Lisboa.

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