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A little experiment my husband set out on back in 2005 would quickly change both of our lives. Back in 2005 when RennyBA was teaching a course on ‘Technology, Business and the Society’ he held a lecture for his students about blogging. At this time I knew nothing about Blogging, but Renny found it an intriguing concept. He soon decided that if he was going to talk about this he needed some first hand experience and a short time later a blog, and a passion, was born.

Photographing summer

Photographing summer

Being Mrs. RennyBA has been quite an interesting experience. I have been along for the ride with all its ups and downs, triumphs and frustrations whether I wanted to or not! 😆 Of course mostly I have been grateful for the ride but there have been times I was sure my husband was going to get hit by a car or bus (or once a train), fall through frozen ice, fall into a waterfall, or off the side of a cliff, or get us into a really good car accident all in the name of getting his photos or his scoop. He goes to extremes to get the best photo, or the best information where I am a much tamer personality and sometimes just have to hold my breath, close my eyes or possibly pray until he is finished with his goal. Because there really is no talking him off the railroad tracks, or newly frozen lake…you just have to wait it out and pray he comes in safely. Which so far he always has, well except for a little tumble off of a cliff but it could have been worse, and more than one pair of wet shoes where he went into the drink, and maybe more than one pissed off driver hehehe.

Renny in winter and tools of the trade

Renny in winter and tools of the trade

I have been his assistant and editor over all these years and have proof read almost every post, and been consulted on choosing the best photos. I have written and called all my friends and acquaintances and asked them to please go in and vote for RennyBAs Terella in several international competitions.

Oslo Blog gathering connecting people

Oslo Blog gathering connecting people

Blogs connecting people!
It would be remiss of me not to mention how many lovely people who have come into our lives since 2005 because of blogging. What really makes blogging worth the effort is the connections one makes with others around the world. We have been fortunate enough to travel and meet some of our blogging friends, and we have been blessed by many visitors from around the world who have come to meet us – and here as well I have been along for the ride and enjoyed it very much along the way. We have made friends for life and met wonderful people who we never would have known otherwise. Thank you all for participating in our lives.

On that note I would like to introduce my choice of five of my favorite Terella blog posts. I had a hard time choosing, because there are really many which were very good. Here are my five choices and my reasons for choosing them.

It was Yule before it was Christmas: This post gives an excellent historical background of the Norwegian Jul and how it relates to Yuletide, and how the ancient pagan holidays are connected with the dates of the traditional Christian holidays.

City in Fire in Oslo Norway: Rennys first dawn post. I have to admit much of my reasons for choosing this post is the memory it brings of traveling into Oslo together on the morning bus and seeing this gorgeous sunrise. In order to get these remarkable photos RennyBA needed a longer time exposer and a tripod…that tripod was my head. I remember so well standing tight against my adorable husband with his camera mounted carefully on my head, holding my breath so he could get a great shot and sharing the moment. Renny really is a remarkable photograph with a good eye for detail and much more patience then I have as a photographer. I tip my hat to you my dear!

Summer at Göta Canal in Sweden: This post presents one of my favorite places around our summer home in Sweden. We have taken every guest, every family member and anyone we can drag along to Göta Canal to see the locks, watch the boats, admire the landscape and learn the history. This post nicely documents it all (and includes a photo from our honeymoon trip in 2000). It’s a place I never get tired of.

The significant four seasons in Norway: This post documents one of Terella’s founding principals, the significant four seasons. RennyBA’s Terella is liberally scattered with posts about the natural beauty of the area and the beauty found within the four seasons. This post is also sentimental because the post is based on watching the changing of the four seasons from our local hiking place, and through the post I also get a glimpse of my family growing and changing over the years. The first time we went on a picnic after moving to Norway was to this lake, and we were here countless times with the children, alone, and with friends. I took my mother here before she passed away, and I brought my father here this summer. I love the photos and this place is a special one which I share with those nearest to me.

The New Opera House in Norway: This is one of RennyBA’s most famous posts because of it documenting the new Opera House, something he was very early to publish about, and of course the excellent photography. The opening photo is RennyBA’s most viewed photo ever and still receives hits daily making this clearly one of his most important posts. We also are big fans of the Opera house, it is a monument, a building, and a place for the people. We have been there many times and are always finding something new both inside and out. It is not a place where ‘you have seen it all’ because the Opera is really something growing and changing, and still a baby in Oslo.

Cheers to RennyBA and Happy Blogaversary

Cheers to RennyBA and Happy Blogaversary

These are my favorite posts from over the years, and I hope you all will give them a look – and of course remember to go over to RennyBA’s Terella and congratulate him, and thank him for all the fine posts and comments over the years. Cheers to RennyBA!!

Comments on: "Happy 5 year blogaversary to RennyBAs Terella" (7)

  1. ♪♪Happy Blogoversary to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary Dear RennyBAs Terella,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary to you.♪♪

  2. ♪♪Happy Blogoversary,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary ,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Blogoversary to RennyBA.♪♪

  3. Dear Diane
    Congratulations for the two of you, certainly two of the best bloggers I know.
    Kisses and happy anniversary!

  4. Renny definitely got addicted, and so did you!

    He really was one of the early blogger. I started in 2006 and I can’t believe how many blogs there are now compared to before.

  5. For me Renny’s blog is a window to Norway. I was looking for a blog about Norway and found to Renny, I never thought I would know, or you either. It has been wonderful to meet you last summer. Meet interesting people and good was an experience that made me very happy.
    Congratulations to both Diane.
    A kiss


  6. D*mn, I thought I already had commented on this post – must have been that evening I was soo tired… ehrm…

    Beautiful photos and posts as always – I remember all but one, the dawn-fire.

    Yes, blogs connecting awesome friends 🙂

    I bet he had a great anniversary with such a lovely supporter as you!

    Hugz to both of you from both of us

  7. I remember very well when Renny proudly and full of enthusiasme presented his blog for members of The Norwegian Computer Society. He asked everyone to start their own blog.
    It took me 9 months – symbolic?. And with the help of Renny during some evenings, I felt I was really and the track.

    Thanks to Renny, I’ve met wonderful people from around the World. And like Diane wrotes: Friends for lifetime.

    Diane’stribute to her hubby is honest and brings us behind the scenes. i can witness that Renny is unstoppable when he first got an idea for a post. Have seen it several times, both in Oslo, Mariestad and during our visit to Claudie and Pierre last year in France and the return by Car back to Oslo.

    Thanks Diane for reminding us all about some of his best posts.

    Tor and Anna

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