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A dream of a trip to Lisbon

We have just returned from an indescribable experience in Lisbon. The word and photos don’t do it justice but of course you know I will try to give you an impression none the less.


Lisbon from the Park above our hotel

Situated on the north banks of the River Tagus, the charm of Lisbon exists in its strong links to the past as well as the preserved culture which is celebrated today. Its renovated palaces, magnificent churches and an impressive castle bring new life to the city’s rich cultural heritage. Its eclectic blend of neighborhoods, culture and architecture distinguish this capital city uniquely from the other European capitals and make it a truly fascinating city to visit.


Lisbon from the Christo Rei statue across the river

We were hosted by our good friends and fellow blogger Lele Batita of Pèrole de Culture who visited us in August 2010 and now we are returning the favor. They were charming and wonderful hosts and really gave their best to share their beautiful city and culture with us. We really wish to thank Lele and Louis for their time and efforts and have had a truly amazing experience!


Sunset behind Torre de Belèm

A city set on seven hills, with its cobble-stoned pavements and narrow streets full of Art Nouveau cafés Lisbon offers a lot to discover. Five days were not nearly enough and our tourist activities took on a whirlwind tempo, but we have at least had a taste of Lisbon in all its richness and variety. Most popular spots in Lisbon are; located around Rossio and Praça do Comércio, Baixa; situated on the hill around St. George’s Castle, and the river area around Belém. We were able to visit all these districts, although some more than others and have had the highlights tour of the city.


Lisbon Bridge from the Christo Reo statue

I will likely be making several posts about Lisbon, but this is just the introduction with some viewpoints from our trip. We will share with you the food and some of our special adventures in the weeks to come, so stay tuned both here and on RennyBA’s Terella.

Comments on: "A dream of a trip to Lisbon" (16)

  1. I can tell you loved this trip very much. Good for you. I can also guess that you will be going back. Soon.

    The bridge reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Perhaps we copied it from this bridge.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  2. Dear Diane
    We feel proud that you’ve enjoyed our city and also to be able to share with you some of the its hilghights.
    But of course, five days it’s not enough to feel all the atmosphere of one 900 old years country.
    We hope this was the first of several travels to Portugal and that you may love it so much as we do love Norway! 😉

  3. Lisboa is such a charming city, plentyful of cultural treasures and history. Beautfifully situated under the Hills and with the major river.
    I think you would like to return.
    Well after reading your post and watching your wonderful photos, I’m sure.

    PS. Dress for the Climate. I had to post from Provence to prevent freezing;-)

    • You are so right, we will be going back and visiting our friends again. It was a bit chilly in Lisbon too, but not as cold as it is here!

  4. So glad you both had such a wonderful time. I’ve missed you both!

  5. I especially like that sunset photo.

  6. lifecruiser said:

    Wow! Superb photos! I love the look of Lisbon so far! I know I would, since I love old architecture, but I didn’t know they have such a fantastic bridge too!

    …and you had the loveliest couple as guides – as we also had in Oslo BG.

    I’m very jealous of you for this trip…. have wanted to go to Lisbon and I know I will some day. Now you just made me even more sure 🙂

  7. The bridge looks like the S.F. bridge!

    I looks like a lovely city. And warm!

  8. Been there …….. Done that……. and the best of all -> Together with you! 😉

  9. oh i am so terribly late to this party and so sorry for it. life has been a bit out of control. so glad to have met you and renny through the blogosphere. it’s fun to know a little backstory about how he goes out of his way for the pictures and what your perspective is on all this 😉 here’s to many more years of good blogging from both of you.

  10. arg, and it seems i left my comment on the wrong post so i’ll just say i also enjoy the shots from around portugal. admittedly it’s a country i don’t know a lot about so it’s good to read and see what you have to share.

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