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Okay its spring and I have to just jump out into the water again, or rather jump out into the blog world. I have taken a sabatical, I have been in winter hibernations…and with the spring it is time to wake up.

blogger friends

Ginnie, RennyBA and Astrid

To all my old friends out there I usually avoid saying this, but I am sorry I haven’t been online in so long. To put it simply I have been tired for three months. As most of you know my job is very challenging and we have some challenges at home as well so I have really been lacking in energy and creativity. I felt like I could not keep up my blog, and then once you haven’t written in a while its hard to get started again.

I have recently received a boost though in the form of our blog friends Ginnie from In Soul and Astrid of Picturit who visited us this weekend…and of course our old friend TorAA and my darling husband RennyBA. We had a lot of good discussions about photos and blogging and all we get out of it and I found out it was time to get my feet wet again.

Oslo Opera House in the fog

Oslo Opera House rising up from the fog

Ginnie and Astrid came on Thursday night and were with us until Monday morning – and we had a wonderful time. It was more like being with family then having guests. Renny and Tor planned our site seeing well this weekend and the girls got to enjoy the benifits of the Oslo Pass with the best guides in Oslo. You can read all about it on their respective blogs, I am not going to steal the glory after spening a quarter of the year in hibernation. But I will post a few pictures from Sundays foggy excursion to Oslo Opera House!

She Lies 2

“She Lies” floating in the icy fjord outside Oslo Opera House

We can’t always guarentee sun in Norway, although our photos may often decieve you because we usually shoot on sunny days. However the fog and ice did add an element of interest to the photo shoot. Here you see the icey looking sculpture, a form of integrated art at the Opera House called “She Lies” it is a stainless steel and glass sculpture by Monica Vonvicini anchored in the harbour beside the Opera House.

Ginnie and Astrid are now on their way to new adventures in Norway. They traveled early this morning to Kirkenes and will take the Hurtigruten cruise from Kirkenes to Bergen. We envy them now, this is one Norwegian adventure we haven’t experienced yet. But the reputation of this cruise is legendary….so I wish them all “the worlds most beautiful adventure”.

Comments on: "Ginnie and Astrid have pulled me out of hibernation and into spring!" (18)

  1. Although it’s not exactly the kind of weather you want to have in the spring, the fog effect is pretty cool in the pictures.

    It’s been a long winter here too… yesterday was lovely, one of the first days above 10C but guess what: it’s snowing this morning… 😦

  2. Dear Diane,
    so nice to see your blog active again.
    And I understand you for your break.
    But with such wonderful guests as Ginnie and Astrid, it all comes back again. They are such wonderful and inspiring people.

    Excellent Photos you present.

    And thank you for hosting us as well and wonderful meals. It was a blast of a memorable weekend.

    PS. I have tagged you – of course

    • Thanks for tagging and visiting and good times. I am happy you and Anna could join us. You are always special guests in our house you know!!! It wouldn’t be the same without you.

  3. Ah, my dear friend,
    I have missed you! Glad to see you have resurfaced! I force myself to write each day. I know if I miss one day, I will simply stop. So onward, I go.
    I hope all is well with you and Renny, and that spring is on it’s way. We had snow all morning today, and then it turned to rain. It is a big mess!

    • Thanks for hanging in there until I came back to life. Our snow is melting rapidly and some little crocuses are coming up so spring is on its way but its taking its time.

  4. Welcome back. We get fog like that here. In the winter months only and it usually disappears by March. Interesting to be out in it though. Very quiet for the most part. Hubby loves the fog.

    Cruise? I love to cruise. We went to the Caribbean in February and are sailing to Hawaii next January. Cruising is heaven.

    Have a terrific day and I’m glad you had a wonderful long weekend with friends. 🙂

    • On the postive side much of the fog is from the snow melting. We have had temps above freezing and the snow is melting rapidly. So soon it will be spring here.

      Hawaii?! Where do I sign up! Would love to go!!! Lucky girl!

  5. Welcome back from hibernation! I love that icy sculpture.

  6. Oh Diane, I have to say I’m been too preoccupied with family and work too but hey love your photos…excellent!!! & COLD!!! 🙂

  7. My dear Diane !
    I thought a lot about our reunion August reading this post. Oslo I find it just wonderful through your photos, you already know I LOVE Norway.
    Also you are the best ambassadors and the best guides:))
    I love hearing from you
    ( When you visit “my island ??? )


  8. I have been wondering where you have been but I didn’t want to seem ‘nosy’ by asking. Sometimes we just need some time out. Good to have you back!

    Love the opera house rising from the fog – not to mention the colourful eggs!

  9. nice to see you back. those foggy pictures really do give a very different mood to the scene. but i still marvel over the clever design of the opera house.

  10. Welcome to spring. It is nice to see the Opera House under a different weather. I still have all my photos from last August and am meaning to have posts on them in the coming months. I’d like to see those little towns along the coast with snow on the banks.

  11. I can’t begin to say THANK YOU, Diane, for your incredible hospitality…especially during burn-out time for you. We will never forget you and that beautiful, soulful, foggy day at the Opera House! 🙂 I’m working on my first post as we speak…!

  12. […] first post from their adventures in Norway! …. and of course my wife DianeCA’s post about their visit […]

  13. Thank you for you warm welcome and make us feel at home.
    The pictures show how great time we had and you know us, we don’t mind the weather, the great company is more important.
    Thank you for showing us around and that we stayed at your house.
    Next weekend I will process the pictures of Kyle and send them to you.
    I love your pictures, we had fun on top of the Opera House.

  14. It does feel good to blog, lots of people to make you smile again too! I love your second photo with the little guys walking along the walk with mom. It’s just cute!

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