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Mobile blogging again from beautiful Malta! The weather is awesome and I am doing a good job of soaking up the much needed sunshine. I will be paying for that later. Totally white and going around the mediterranian without sunscreen is not advisable. Especially after a dark Norwegian winter.

To make the most of a short trip I took the tourist bus around the island. Stopping for a while in the medieval walled village of Mdina. I chose the North trip of the countryside because the cruise covers the sea towns quite well. It was the right choice. The countryside was amazing!

Comments on: "Scenic countryside in Malta from the walls of Mdine" (5)

  1. Lovely pic! And good quality too for a cellphone picture. My are always hopelessly noisy.

    Enjoy the same, I know how great it feels after a long winter!

  2. Thanks. The only photos i could post while away were mobile -but fortunately Nokia has a good camera quality!

  3. This is so cool and yes travelling is addictive Diane…have a great time 😀

  4. I have a feeling this trip was just what the doctor ordered, Diane, especially after all the company you had! I love to see you posting again. Have a gret, relaxing weekend!

  5. That’s a beautiful view Diane! Btw I’m back from my blogging hiatus! 🙂

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