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As most of my readers know we recently were lucky enough to have a long weekend visit to Malta. I have to admit that before I went there I didn’t know very much about Malta. I knew it was an island state in the Mediterranean Sea, and that was about it. When I began researching this lovely island online I knew instantly it would be something very special.


Three Cities viewed from the Harbour

The island is surrounded by crystal turquoise-blue waters and has sunshine throughout most of the year. I think what impresses me the most – besides the beauty of it all – is that amount of well preserved historical sites. Despite many wars which changed control over the island, and bombing in World War II many historical fortresses, churches, and buildings remain intact and one can wander in living history.

Ft St Angelo

Fort Saint Angelo with roots back to the Arabs in 870 AD

I used the time I had in Malta to see as much as I could manage in compact site seeing trips. I took a bus trip called the North Trip, which took me long inland into the countryside to see the oldest town in Malta, along with many charming villages and coastlines. Then I took the Grand Harbour Cruise in the capital area of Valletta.


The Capital City of Valletta built largely of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, also known as Knights Hospitaller

I think that the best way to see the beauty of Malta is to see it from the water. The limestone buildings do a wonderful job of combining different periods seamlessly so that architecture from different periods, including modern times passes wonderfully together.


Fort St. Elmo built from 1530 and onward

Our trip to Malta was much too short. This lovely island deserves another visit, and I really only saw about one third of what I would have liked to have seen. None the less I am thankfull to have had the opportunity to travel with my husband RennyBA when buisiness took him to this magical place. We will have to plan a return trip to see the rest of it. My next post will show a bit of the beauty found on my trip inland!


Comments on: "Valletta Grand Harbour Cruise in Malta" (12)

  1. Oh it is just lovely! I know you and Renny must really have loved it, since you both love the ocean so much!

    • I loved it so much and the temperature was summertime for us! I felt more awake for days after my trip because I got to fill up with sunshine after a long winter.

  2. Wow, vibrant colors! I can’t believe how blue is the sea.

    There never is enough time to travel… I know what you mean 😉

  3. I’ve always wanted to see the island of Malta as well. The blue sea looks so enticing. I just love cruises on the water. Your cruise reminds me of the wonderful boat rides you can take in Switzerland on their many lakes. How lovely! Glad you wrote about your wonderful mini trip!

  4. Malta is beautiful, we have never been there.
    What you show is wonderful, I am glad that you had the opportunity to do some sight seeing, the colour of the water is magic.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderrful trip with us.

  5. Diane, at least you tempted me to go there.
    Excellent Photos.

    Have a great Easter in your second home in wonderful Mariestad.

    We are going to visit family (Ingelin’s) in Essen. They have Sunshine and between 21-25 C. This time of year. Fantastic.

  6. I have a feeling you have inspired all of us to go to Malta, Diane! It’s really piqued my curiosity. I know Astrid and I would be gobsmacked in such an area of architectural beauty and history.

  7. Very beautiful – the water is so blue and a nice contrast to the light-colored buildings.

  8. It is true that to see Malta from the sea is an experience one will never forget. I’d go back there in a second and I am so pleased to look at your pictures.

  9. Yes, that was what I’ve been thinking about Malta too, one need more time to see all the glory, there really are so much history around there.

    We’ve been thinking about going there for years now, it’s rather high up on our wish list to go. We both love architecture.

  10. Nice to see your pictures Diane !!
    When Ibiza ???
    A big hug

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