About the changing world all around us

About Metamorphoses

Don’t just stand there…do something!” That’s my motto!

I am a person who involves myself quite a lot in other peoples lives. That is why I chose to take my Bachelors Degree in Sosial Work, and am currently following up with a Masters.

Waves of change

“I am naturally outgoing – so much so that if I were any more of an extrovert I would turn inside out:-) People fascinate me, why we do what we do and believe what we believe.This blog will be about people and society, full of reflections on the societies we live in and the dynamic and ever changing world around us.

I wish to invite you to join me in exploring the world and trying to understand it!

Comments on: "About Metamorphoses" (3)

  1. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    I am also working toward a Masters in Social Work, I have been taking classes in the STEP program: “If you’re ready to move ahead with your career, but not ready to return to school full-time, the credit extension program is for you. The credit extension program enables students to register for graduate social work courses on a non-matriculating basis. The Program is ideal for potential applicants to the School who wish to enroll in classes before they are admitted…” and I am applying for full time status for the fall semester.

    DianeCA That sounds like a great program. I study full time, and work 50%. Many in my class in reality use more than the two years the studyplan is set up for, and the majority of students work while they are finishing their education. Keep up the good work!!

  2. As someone who has been going through change, some voluntary, some involuntary and some necessitating being dragged screaming and kicking, I am enjoying reading your blog!

    I think this period of my life (empty nester searching for a new purpose, reluctantly divorced, several failed relationships since) has been the most challenging so far. It’s inspiring to read about someone who is out grabbing what life has to offer and is not just sitting waiting for it to happen!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    DianeCA: Thanks for your kind words. I know the period you are going through has its unique challenges, someday you will look back and see that there were unique opportunities too. I am very active just now because I am taking a Masters Degree in Social Work, and working part time at a women’s shelter. This provides me with tons of inspiration and a push to do something about it. However I have my quiet times too…..every Wednesday and Friday between 21:00 and midnight…just kidding!!! Really my inspiration and activity goes up and down 🙂

  3. Have a nice day !

    : thanks for stopping by!

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