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Update on Darfur

Thank you to all who participated in the discussion on Darfur a little over one week ago. As a result of Lifecruiser’s post I have subscribed to newsletters from Amnesty International on the topic.

In the recent weeks violence in Darfur continues to escalate, also across the border in Chad where hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking help after five years of destruction in their country. UN Peacekeepers still remain short of the troops and equipment necessary to help the people of Darfur. Only 9,000 of the 26,000 troops authorized are on the ground today to protect the people from attacks by Janjawid militia and armed rebel groups.


Amnesty asks for our assistance in making it clear that further delays in troop deployment is unacceptable. Currently Amnesty is working in the following ways:

  • “Pressing the Bush Administration to strengthen U.S. commitment to Darfur and use its influence with key allies to fund or supply a total of at least 24 helicopters and other essential equipment peacekeepers need to do their job in Darfur.
  • Organizing and training activists for in-district lobby visits this month with key members of Congress to ensure that Darfur remains a top priority in 2008.
  • Expanding our dialogue with Wall Street firms that have connections to Sudan’s oil industry in order to apply additional pressure on the Sudanese government to stop obstructing full deployment of UNAMID. “ (Amnesty International website)

What are your thoughts on this strategy? Please feel free to go in to Amnesty International and take a look. Your comments are welcome, join the discussion!

Blogging activists – lets make the world a better place!

Darfur! Sexual voilene as a weapon of war! Two totally shameless plugs!

“I was sleeping when the attack on Disa started. I was taken away by the attackers, they were all in uniforms. They took dozens of other girls and made us walk for three hours. During the day we were beaten and they were telling us: “You, the black women, we will exterminate you, you have no god.” At night we were raped several times. The soldiers guarded us with arms and we were not given food for three days.” A female refugee, interviewed by Amnesty International delegates.

Tonight I would like to attract attention to my fellow bloggers post on Lifecruiser . Please stop by Lifecruiser and leave your reflections on her thoughtful blogpost.

Women of Darfur

Last and definitely not least I would like to plug for my husbands post on Care at RennyBA’s Terella.

Care places special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources.

These two globally engaged bloggers can be linked together (in the traditional sense by Care’s engagement in Darfur:

“The current conflict in Darfur is complex, caused by a host of political, social, economic and environmental problems. The result is a humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people. CARE is working to help meet their most basic needs, including food, shelter, water and sanitation facilities.” from Care’s website