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Taking care of business before Oslo Blog Gathering

We are really excited / nervous now!! People will start arriving tomorrow and we will be moving to our hotel too. This evening we were at The First Hotel Millennium to prepare some surprises for our guests and make sure everything was in order. We met up with some of our trusty helpers to plan the last minute details, so now we are as ready as we will ever be to receive our honoured guests. Stop in to RennyBA’s Terella and see how he has been preparing!

Before taking off and giving all my energy to OsloBG I had to take care of a bit of personal business as well. My oldest son just turned 22 and having moved to a new student apartment Renny and I promised him a much needed new bed for his birthday gift. So Justin and I took off for Ikea yesterday morning and ordered a new ‘little’ double bed for his room. He chose a simple but nice eik frame and good matresses which were delivered this afternoon, and three happy boys have sat on the floor assembling it all evening 🙂


Vega vegetarian restaurant taken with Nokia X6

As thanks for his birthday gift my son took me out to his favorite Vegetarian restaurant, Vega in Oslo. For 100 norwegian krone, about 12.5 Euro you can get an all you can eat buffet of very good vegetarian and vegan food. The atmosphere is also quite charming. It is located in an old bathing house and retains a lot of its earlier charm. We were seated out in the back courtyard in an enchanting green environment.

Today was spent on my other son, Kyle. He starts school tomorrow and was sorely in need of a haircut. Something which has been neglected in all the business of the past few weeks. So I had no choice but to ring every salon I knew of to try and find an available stylist for him, and Eureaka I finally found one at my favorite salon in Oslo, Frisør M. He wasn’t entirely thrilled with me when I took this picture but then again its a parents job to embarass their children, builds character don’t you think!! And besides folks doesn’t he look cute!


Kyle gets a new 'do'

His lunch choice was much more simple then his brothers was yesterday. A simple guy with regular guy tastes his choice, Subway! Although Subway is an American restaurant we do have a few of them in Oslo and thier popularity seems to be growing. After the little reminder of what good subs they make, I can really understand why!


Yummy Subway Club Sub

Well folks this is my last post before meeting the first of our guests tomorrow evening. Cross your fingers for us and follow along on both our blogs and on Facebook and Twitter as well!!

Meeting friends in Vigeland Park in Oslo

Well we are now back in Oslo. We have a lot of plans the next few days, not the least of which is getting ready for OsloBG! I am getting really nervous now!! In one week we will be welcoming lots of visitors to our home town of Oslo. All of which we know from our contact online, but few of which we have actually met in person. So we are in a great deal of suspence thinking about how all of this will go. We have the details well planned out now, but there is always a little touch of nervousness before one has guests, and when you have invited guests from all over the world to a four day long get together, well those butterflies are clearly extra large this time. Then again we have had an exciting summer so far with lots of visitors and arrangements and it has all gone well so far, so I just have to have faith!!

Video of Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

We had another chance to practice a bit which went wonderfully. We went to Vigeland Sculpture Park in the heart of Oslo to meet a family from the UK who we have met through Facebook. Another great example of how social media is bringing people closer together. Anne-Marie started reading our blogs because they were interested in Norway. They have been here many times and were planning a trip this summer as well. After being in touch with us online they took a chance and asked if we could meet up while they were in the area. We were glad to have the opportunity to get to know new people and show them around our home.

I tossed some sandwiches and drinks in my bag and off we went to meet these nice strangers! And nice they were. A talkative group who were touring with three of their four children (their fourth was at home caring for the familes animals). We wandered around admiring the statues, the park, talking about Norway, Oslo, vacation and everything else under the sun. They had really great kids too, intellegent and easy to talk to. Within a short time we were all like all friends and the day just flew.

In fact time flew so quickly that I didn’t even take out my phone or camera to take any photos. I mean imagine that – me not taking any photos. Well I was busy talking all the time, guess that’s my excuse. So when I wanted to write about this post and share my day with you all I went on the net and found quite a good video on YouTube. It gives a really nice impression of Vigeland Park, which all our guest will be enjoying next week! Take a peek!

The end of our Summer in Mariestad

Today is the last day of our official summer vacation in Mariestad. It is always a bit of a sad day when we pack up and go back to Oslo. Not that we don’t enjoy Oslo of course but this place is our holiday place, where the days are free and we relax in what we think of as our summer paradise. Although the locals may protest that the past couple weeks have been neither summer nor paradise (lets just say the flowers aren’t going to dry up while we are gone) we have made the best of it and have been out and about in the city and on the beach every day and all in all had a very lovely summer.


Beautiful Harbour Sunset taken with Nokia X6

We were lucky to have relatively good weather when Dad and Teri were here, and enjoyed a boat trip on Lake Vänern. That day was unbelievably gorgeous, a perfect day to fill up Dad’s photo album. (We helped him a bit too!) Here you can see Mariestad approached from the water. RennyBA is blogging about this boat trip as we speak – or rather write – so you can get all the details over at his place!


Approaching Mariestad from the Lake

In fact we visited the lake as much as possible. This is our peaceful place, our photo place and our romantic place. The beautiful nature is part of what makes Mariestad called Vänern’s Pearl, and a part of the reason our summer home is located here too.


A windy wonderful day

And regardless of the weather we enjoyed good food, here I have a larger kitchen and more time then I do at home so we are always cooking up something good in the kitchen. In short this summer we ate.


Steak with onions, grilled veggies, and fries

And ate.


Grilled Shrimp with Artichoke, and grilled veggies

And ate.


Homemade Pizza is best!

But not it is time to pack up our summer things and return to Oslo.


RennyBA and his new little Fabia

We have to be home on Thursday to meet some other blog friends who could not join us for OsloBG but were in the area now instead, and then we have some last minute planning and arrangements to make, plus a personal engagement on Saturday. The clock is ticking now my friends. In just over a week the grand event begins! Stay tuned……

Time to say Goodbye to Dad and Teri..for now

We have now had two great weeks with Dad and Teri here in Oslo. The weather hasn’t cooperated all the time but we have made the best out of it and we have had a good time no matter what. We had four wonderful days in the Oslo area, four great days in Mariestad and three memorable days in Bergen. I am happy that they took two weeks this time so they had time with the kids and us and could really get an idea of how we live, what we like, and a good taste of Norway and even Sweden.

I know they have appreciated the time they were able to spend with us, and every time they visit I learn new things about my dad that I may not have understood as a kid. He is a really good guy, and his wife Teri is also very loving and tries to take care of and help everyone she cares about. My sons have really been around a lot lately which shows how much they want to be with their grandparents while they were here, and even Renny’s family has come to visit several times to get to know my family better. So all in all it has been a great success all around.

But tomorrow they have to get on the plane home. And while we need our lives to get more back to normal, and they do too, not to mention Dad’s vacation is over…it is still sad to let them go. I know it will be a long time before I see them again, at least a year. Next time will probably be in the USA, but then again who knows. The most important thing though is that we have really made the most out of the time we had here and now! I’ll miss you guys!!

Boating in beautiful Oslofjord

On Saturday we had a fantastic summer experience with my Dad and Teri. We were invited to our neighbors cottate on the Oslofjord and had a great day on the water. We cruised the Oslofjord and saw all the great sites from the water. The Opera House, the summer houses, the islands, the Museums, and even the passing boat traffic.

Dad visits the Opera House by boat

Dad visits the Opera House by boat

The whole idea was Kyle’s. He is best friends with the neighbor’s son and the boys are out in the boat and use the cottage all the time. It was his idea to share what he likes to do with his grandpa…and luckily with some help from our friends we got to tag along.

We were also invited for a lovely dinner grilled out in the back garden. Thanks to such good friends who shared their summer home and boat with us, it was a dream of a trip – and the first time I have been on a boat trip with my Dad since I was 16!

Next on the agenda, a trip to Sweden. We will enjoy showing him around our summer place too!