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Freaky Friday, elephants on ice!

Okay they aren’t actually ON ice they are eating ice treats! I don’t know if this qualifies so much as weird or freaky news, its more cute news. I happen to be a big fan of elephants and these are just adorable!


king size icepops

Aparently its not just just people who like an iceicle to celebrate a holiday on a warm sunny day, here are some elephant size ices to celebrate Thiland’s National Elephants day!

Baby elephants eating their iceies

Baby elephants eating their iceies

To celebrat the holiday the elephants recieve a fruity treat, elephant size ices with fruit frozen inside. The elephants seem to love them and they are great for cooling off.

Eureka I found fruit!

Eureka I found fruit!

Aren’t these babies adorable! All kids love their ice pops!

Freaky Friday Hairy escape!

A 20 year old woman survived a bullet fired at her head – after it got tangled up in her hair weave. The young lady from Kansas City, escaped uninjured after her ex-boyfriend allegedly shot at her car in the parking lot of a convenience store. She told police that she was in her car at around 11.25pm when a man flagged her down. When she stopped, the man told her that her ex-boyfriend still loved her.

When the young woman replied  ‘Well, I don’t love him’  her response was met with gunshots which shattered her rear window. She says that she saw her ex firing a handgun, and promptly floored the accelerator and got out of there.

Sengalese twist braid on extentions

Sengalese twist braid on extentions

After escaping, she called police who extracted a bullet from her hairpiece!! It seems the bullet struck her car’s headrest before getting caught in her hair.Apart from a slight headache, the woman was uninjured. Police arrested her ex-boyfriend and his companion a shorty afterwards.

So now I see that we have been going about things all wrong. Here we have been giving the girls safe shelter at the Crisis center when all she really needed was a good hairdo!! Thank goodness that young woman wasn’t having a bad hair day hehehe! That must be the definition of a good hair day when your weave saves your life!

Seriously though folks. I am a bit fascinated by this whole hair extention thing. We have a woman at the shelter who has lived there a long time and I have seen her put extentions and braids on the other african women many times and I have to admit I am a bit envious! I think they look so nice when they are finished and you can set in long hair, curls, whatever color or texture you want. I have pin-straight fine hair and have always admired my girl friend from Brazil who can come home with masses of brown curls and keep them in for many months. But there is the catch for me I think. I don’t know if I could stand keeping them in. I imagine they must itch or feel somehow uncomfortable…and I am not good at making sacrafices for beauty. However if I ever do decide to get myself extentions I have one more good excuse. They could save my life!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Freaky Friday the 13th!

OK technically here it is Saturday, but its just a little over midnight. This is the first chance I have gotten to blog this week. I am sorry I haven’t been around. There has been some people out sick at the women’s shelter so I worked extra this week filling in. Plus I finally got the last two interviews for my research project this week, so things have been rather hectic. Plus you know I have my dear hubby and children to take care of!Now the weekend has finally come and we have decided to start the winter vacation with a trip to Sweden.

At least I have Freaky Friday to get me posting again! Hope this story doesn’t make you hungry!!


Doughnut-loving police have solved a church burglary through analysing DNA found on a half-eaten doughnut. As Homer Simpson said: “Donuts – is there anything they can’t do?”

In the case Indiana police were called to a church burglary where a number of musical instruments were stolen. They initially had no leads but hungry, and frankly stereotypical, officers found a box of doughnuts in the church’s kitchen. Preparing for a well-earned snack, Police noticed a bite had been taken from one of the doughnuts.

Suspecting that the burgler could have been hungry deputies sent the half-eaten doughnut to the Indiana State Police lab for testing. It found that DNA left on the treat matched the man, who is convicted of an unrelated home burglary. The 22-year-old man was charged with burglary and the police had a deserved snack.

Hmmmmm. Doughnuts…

Freaky Friday Fun in the Snow!

Well folks its time for Freaky Friday again!! This time my theme is going to be fun in the snow since we are all up to our a$$es here in the fluffy white stuff!! Yes, Mrs Lifecruiser, we did get that snow we were talking about!! It came in from the west just as you said hahaha and landed right on your Norwegian neighbors. Ah don’t worry about it we are used to it. My son is working overtime at the alpine center so we are even making money off it…or at least he is.

But lets take a look at some other friends having fun in the snow!! Here are some tiger cubs enjoying the winter snow in St. Louis.

For all you cat lovers out there, aren’t they adorable. I have always been fascinated by large (and small) cats, and these big kittens are just amazing. I loved watching them. Tigers are one of my favorites, they are so beautiful and yet so dangerous…in the wild at least. I even got to hold a tiger cub once when I was around 20 years old. I remember having a terrible dilemma because I really felt these adorable cubs shouldn’t be held and posing for pictures, but at the same time I knew it was the closest I would ever come to a tiger cub so I couldn’t resist getting in line and paying for a polaroid photo. I mean wouldn’t you just love to touch one…if you could be sure it wouldn’t eat your hand of course hehehe. I just had to, I’m weak!

And in Hampstead Heath a group made one of the largest snowballs I have ever seen, which then proceeded to roll down the hill and grow and grow. A very cute video to see what happens when they get a bit of snow in London!! Apparently snow in Hampstead Heath is an event these days! Glad to see that they still now how to have fun over there 🙂

So as you can see both man and beast are having fun in the snow these days. We have been out having some fun in the snow as well. Drop in to RennyBA’s Terella and see what we have been up to lately. I do hope that if you have snow where you are that you are having fun out in the snow too!!

Freaky Fridays look out for the zombies in the road!

I have decided to try a new theme for Fridays. I have decided that every Friday I will write a post about something strange or funny in the news this week. There is so much sad, serious, boring news in the press daily that we really need to lighten up and find the funny side of life. Even something as serious as the news has a funny side, don’t you think?? Just to prove my point take road work. I mean how funny can road work be? It causes delays and takes up our time. Well it can in fact be funny, or at least the signs can!

Zombis in the road a-head?

Here a clip from KXAN in Austin, where they seem to be having a bit of trouble with their construction information signs. Although I don’t condone hacking into electronic road signs, you have to appreciate the sense of humor of these young people. This prank was so hilarious that even the Austin Public Works spokeswoman has trouble keeping a straight face. I myself am not a huge zombie fan, but I have two teenage boys who have seen about all the zombie films (not with my permission of course) that are in existence and they will certainly find this pretty amusing.

Hope you had a little laugh and a great weekend!!