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Poetry of change

I call my new blog Metamorphoses as it is a blog dedicated to creation and change in life, in learning and in the self. The name is borrowed from the Roman poet Ovid’s 15 book long narrative poem from between 2 and 8 A.D. The books of Metamorphoses describes the creation and history of the world in the form of Roman mythology, and was a source of inspiration to the great author and poet William Shakespeare.

This blog is not intended to be a literary blog, however. I just have a personal interest in literature, poetry, and mythology. The idea behind my blog is that I am going through a personal change and growth process, in fact we all are. As I get ready to go through the process of doing serious research for my Masters Disertation, I have learned that nothing in this world is fixed, but everything is in a constant state of change. A flow of constant transition from the moment we are created until long after we disappear from this planet, our society is also in a constant state of transition, as is our goverments, our countries, even right down to the house I live in, the earth I walk on, the air I breath and the sky over my head…everything is in a constant state of change.

I want to document my growth and change, growing interests and new discoveries with others and have an interaction with the rest of the world. How exciting it would be to make a new ‘discovery’ in my every day life and share that discovery with someone who is learning about the same in another corner of the globe. I hope that many of you will join me again and again to create interesting discusions and insights to enrich all our lives.

Welcome to Metamorphoses!