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Memories of OsloBG, Vigeland Sculpture Park

Well now OsloBG is over and most of our guests have gone back to their homes. A couple are still wandering around Oslo but they are welcome to stay as long as they want of course! I was so tired Sunday night I went to bed at about 7 pm, and slept until 7 am. Then of course it was back to work, vacation over.

Vigeland Sculpture ParkI’m sorry but I can’t get the slide show to embed, please click on the link above to see the side show. Here is a sample photo from the set.


Vigeland Sculpture Park

So now I am looking through all the lovely photos we took and remembering what fun we had! I hope you will enjoy a slide show from our first day, a trip to Vigeland Sculpture Park. The weather was a bit grey but the art work is beautiful just the same and our guests were happily shooting away with their cameras and learning a lot with the help of our excellent guide, Margaret!

Blogger friends exploring Oslo at OsloBG

The Oslo Blog Gathering is already half over!! Time goes by so quickly! We are really having a wonderful time meeting our blogger friends face to face, some for the first time, and others we have greeted before. It is truly an experience of a lifetime, and we feel like we are quickly becoming friends and we have so much in common. Even if we come from different cultures and struggle with the language from time to time everyone is so interesting, open and friendly. It really is a dream come true for Renny and I.


I don’t want to use very much time writing a post now so I will go into more detail later, but I know some friends who wish they could be here are following along around the world, so I want to give you an idea of what we have done so far! I am starting to realize that we really can’t manage everything in four days, so some of our friends will just have to come back and visit us again. But still we have managed to fit a lot into our schedule


First Oslo Guideservice provided us with an excellent guide who took us through Vigeland Sculpture Park, Holmonkollen ski jump, and Bygdøy. Many thanks to Margaret for her excellent information and sunny personality!


Then of course we were received at the City Hall by the Mayor of Oslo and served champagne and wonderful party food. We were treated as Royalty, and again provided with an excellent guide who could give us a lot of information about this very special building and its history.


We started our second day, after a good nights sleep and a nice breakfast at First Millenium Hotel with a visit to the new Oslo Opera House, and Renny and Lawrence were able to arrange for an incredible guided tour there as well. Only the best for our guests you know! We were given an explaination of the thoughts behind the architecture, as well as a peek in the main stage, and a peek behind the scenes where dancers and musicians are practicing, scenes and costumes are being made and art is being created long before it reaches our eyes and ears!


In the afternoon it was time to visit the Royal Castle and of course all the tourists want to see the changing of the guards!


And in the evening we took a boat ride on the fjord out to a little island where we were served the most delicous dinner.

Many of us chose the fresh seafood of course, but if you are not a seafood lover there were very good choices of chicken or meats available as well.

I feel it is safe to say that everyone is well satisfied and enjoying the trip here in Oslo. And we are having fun playing host, getting to know people and acting like tourists in our own home town. We are even living at the hotel you know so we don’t miss any of the action!! Now it is really time for bed hahaha! Good night and see you all again soon!

Sunset view from Dronningen on the Oslo Fjord in August

This weekend has been quite a hectic one. You see a family member got married yesterday. Out of respect for the couple’s wishes to keep thier private lives private I will not be posting any photos from the wedding. That must be for the happy couple to decide who they will share those with. I have however taken some nice photos of the fjord which I would like to share 🙂


Sailboat in the Sunset taken with Nokia X6

If you haven’t noticed me around so much this weekend its because we have been quite busy with this event. Renny’s family doesn’t live in the Oslo area so we opened our home for them to stay with us from Friday to Sunday so they could go to the wedding on Saturday, stay out as late as they wanted and go home Sunday afternoon. We have had a really lovely time with my in-laws here. They are really very nice people, helpful and friendly and we have all been very talkative. The house feels strangely empty now that our guests have gone.


Sunset over Oslo fjord

Thankfully the weather was lovely, we have all been crossing our fingers all week, and the reception was held at a very nice location, Dronningen (which means the Queen) on the Oslo fjord. When we took a break during the dinner we could not help but admire the view! And having my Nokia X6 with me, even in my finest cocktail dress, I was able to capture the moment.


Fireworks over Oslo fjord taken with Nokia X6

Later in the evening when the dinner was finished and the dancing had started the atmosphere was even more romantic with fireworks over the city of Oslo. Yes we did joke a lot that they arranged fireworks for the party, but the truth is that there was a rock festival this week in Oslo, Øya festival, wish ended Saturday night with a grand fireworkds display! You have to admit they were lovely from across the fjord too!

Now we are counting down to OsloBG!! Only three days left before the fun begins, and we are busy making the last minute arrangements, and making offerings to the weather Gods 😆 to make sure the weather is favorable when we want to take everyone around our lovely city! Everyone out there in Blog land keep your fingers crossed for us, okay???

Summer is in full swing

Yes folks summertime has come to Scandinavia and we are currently relocated to our summer home in Sweden. RennyBA’s vacation has started and he is celebrating with an Extreme Blog Makeover courtesy of our good buddy Charles Ravndal who is RennyBA’s blog designer. So you have to drop by and give these guys some praise, they are doing a great job!!

I have less vacation time then Renny so my vacation isn’t starting for another 10 days. I will take Swebuss Express home to Oslo tomorrow and work another week, and then return to spend the weekend with Renny here in our Swedish Paradise. Thankfully the weather has been beautiful and I have been going out and enjoying the summer even though my vacation has not yet started. Earlier this week we took some of the girls out to a local lake for grilling and the kids went swimming, and I have been testing the water every chance I get. I love to swim and love the beach so anytime the temperature is above 70 degrees I’m game.


Sunny summer days

My dad is also coming to visit in just a little over a week as well. It will be their second trip to Norway, and the first time they have been here in the summer. The last time they came in the winter and got to experience the mountains and the snow. This year they are looking forward to enjoying the long summer days. We will be visiting all the tourist stops in Oslo, and taking the guided bus tour as well as getting a bit outside the city to see some of the Norwegian country side. We even have a couple of boat trips on the agenda, so it should be a really good time.

And of course we are looking forward to the Oslo Blog Gathering and are busy making last minute arrangments for that so that all our guests will have the best experience possible. Hope you are enjoying the lovely summer weather as well!! Drop me a comment so I know you’re out there!!

Shining start to Midsummer in Sweden

Midsummer is a great celebration in Sweden, where one celebrates the light of this year’s longest day and the flowering vegetation. In Norway we celebrate St. Hans which is basically the same but set on a regular date of June 24. Midsummer festival in Sweden is always on the weekend closest to the 24 June – with a midsummer evening on Friday and midsummer day on Saturday.

Perfect Midsummer Weather

Perfect Midsummer Weather

We were of course in Norway for St. Hans and this was the last day of my trip to the mountains which you can read about in my last post. We have in recent years traveled to our summer home in Sweden for midsummer celebration because we think it is such a lovely time. We rolled into Sweden yesterday afternoon in time to celebrate midsummer eve with good company and a bit of cold beer and wine as is the custom hehehe at least for us.

Today was midsummer day and I have never experienced a more beautiful one. The weather was absolutely perfect. We started the day with coffee on the balcony where I soaked in the sun and tried to get a bit more color.

Guest Harbor in Mariestad

Guest Harbor in Mariestad

A short time later we took a trip into the town. Most shops and businesses are closed but thankfully the ice cream kiosk was open so we took an ice cream on the docks and watched the pretty boats sailing in and out of the guest harbor. Mariestad is a bit of a touristy town in the summer and there are always many nice pleasure boats visiting the harbor.

A trip to the beach is popular

A trip to the beach is popular

The weather was so fine that a trip to the beach was in order. I was obviously not the only one who had that idea because the beach was full of happy families who also felt this was a good way to celebrate the day. This is a great beach because the water warms up fairly quickly. I would guess the water temp was around 20 degrees Celsius – 70 Fahrenheit.

Gilled Salmon with Hollandaise

Gilled Salmon with Hollandaise

To finish off a perfect midsummer day we need to have an appropriate dinner. Fish is of course summer food, especially when it is grilled and eaten on the balcony of our summer home. What a lovely way to spend the day. If you want to experience summer in Scandinavia, remember it’s not too late to join Oslo Blog Gathering 2010!