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Happy 5 year blogaversary to RennyBAs Terella

A little experiment my husband set out on back in 2005 would quickly change both of our lives. Back in 2005 when RennyBA was teaching a course on ‘Technology, Business and the Society’ he held a lecture for his students about blogging. At this time I knew nothing about Blogging, but Renny found it an intriguing concept. He soon decided that if he was going to talk about this he needed some first hand experience and a short time later a blog, and a passion, was born.

Photographing summer

Photographing summer

Being Mrs. RennyBA has been quite an interesting experience. I have been along for the ride with all its ups and downs, triumphs and frustrations whether I wanted to or not! 😆 Of course mostly I have been grateful for the ride but there have been times I was sure my husband was going to get hit by a car or bus (or once a train), fall through frozen ice, fall into a waterfall, or off the side of a cliff, or get us into a really good car accident all in the name of getting his photos or his scoop. He goes to extremes to get the best photo, or the best information where I am a much tamer personality and sometimes just have to hold my breath, close my eyes or possibly pray until he is finished with his goal. Because there really is no talking him off the railroad tracks, or newly frozen lake…you just have to wait it out and pray he comes in safely. Which so far he always has, well except for a little tumble off of a cliff but it could have been worse, and more than one pair of wet shoes where he went into the drink, and maybe more than one pissed off driver hehehe.

Renny in winter and tools of the trade

Renny in winter and tools of the trade

I have been his assistant and editor over all these years and have proof read almost every post, and been consulted on choosing the best photos. I have written and called all my friends and acquaintances and asked them to please go in and vote for RennyBAs Terella in several international competitions.

Oslo Blog gathering connecting people

Oslo Blog gathering connecting people

Blogs connecting people!
It would be remiss of me not to mention how many lovely people who have come into our lives since 2005 because of blogging. What really makes blogging worth the effort is the connections one makes with others around the world. We have been fortunate enough to travel and meet some of our blogging friends, and we have been blessed by many visitors from around the world who have come to meet us – and here as well I have been along for the ride and enjoyed it very much along the way. We have made friends for life and met wonderful people who we never would have known otherwise. Thank you all for participating in our lives.

On that note I would like to introduce my choice of five of my favorite Terella blog posts. I had a hard time choosing, because there are really many which were very good. Here are my five choices and my reasons for choosing them.

It was Yule before it was Christmas: This post gives an excellent historical background of the Norwegian Jul and how it relates to Yuletide, and how the ancient pagan holidays are connected with the dates of the traditional Christian holidays.

City in Fire in Oslo Norway: Rennys first dawn post. I have to admit much of my reasons for choosing this post is the memory it brings of traveling into Oslo together on the morning bus and seeing this gorgeous sunrise. In order to get these remarkable photos RennyBA needed a longer time exposer and a tripod…that tripod was my head. I remember so well standing tight against my adorable husband with his camera mounted carefully on my head, holding my breath so he could get a great shot and sharing the moment. Renny really is a remarkable photograph with a good eye for detail and much more patience then I have as a photographer. I tip my hat to you my dear!

Summer at Göta Canal in Sweden: This post presents one of my favorite places around our summer home in Sweden. We have taken every guest, every family member and anyone we can drag along to Göta Canal to see the locks, watch the boats, admire the landscape and learn the history. This post nicely documents it all (and includes a photo from our honeymoon trip in 2000). It’s a place I never get tired of.

The significant four seasons in Norway: This post documents one of Terella’s founding principals, the significant four seasons. RennyBA’s Terella is liberally scattered with posts about the natural beauty of the area and the beauty found within the four seasons. This post is also sentimental because the post is based on watching the changing of the four seasons from our local hiking place, and through the post I also get a glimpse of my family growing and changing over the years. The first time we went on a picnic after moving to Norway was to this lake, and we were here countless times with the children, alone, and with friends. I took my mother here before she passed away, and I brought my father here this summer. I love the photos and this place is a special one which I share with those nearest to me.

The New Opera House in Norway: This is one of RennyBA’s most famous posts because of it documenting the new Opera House, something he was very early to publish about, and of course the excellent photography. The opening photo is RennyBA’s most viewed photo ever and still receives hits daily making this clearly one of his most important posts. We also are big fans of the Opera house, it is a monument, a building, and a place for the people. We have been there many times and are always finding something new both inside and out. It is not a place where ‘you have seen it all’ because the Opera is really something growing and changing, and still a baby in Oslo.

Cheers to RennyBA and Happy Blogaversary

Cheers to RennyBA and Happy Blogaversary

These are my favorite posts from over the years, and I hope you all will give them a look – and of course remember to go over to RennyBA’s Terella and congratulate him, and thank him for all the fine posts and comments over the years. Cheers to RennyBA!!

Blogger friends exploring Oslo at OsloBG

The Oslo Blog Gathering is already half over!! Time goes by so quickly! We are really having a wonderful time meeting our blogger friends face to face, some for the first time, and others we have greeted before. It is truly an experience of a lifetime, and we feel like we are quickly becoming friends and we have so much in common. Even if we come from different cultures and struggle with the language from time to time everyone is so interesting, open and friendly. It really is a dream come true for Renny and I.


I don’t want to use very much time writing a post now so I will go into more detail later, but I know some friends who wish they could be here are following along around the world, so I want to give you an idea of what we have done so far! I am starting to realize that we really can’t manage everything in four days, so some of our friends will just have to come back and visit us again. But still we have managed to fit a lot into our schedule


First Oslo Guideservice provided us with an excellent guide who took us through Vigeland Sculpture Park, Holmonkollen ski jump, and Bygdøy. Many thanks to Margaret for her excellent information and sunny personality!


Then of course we were received at the City Hall by the Mayor of Oslo and served champagne and wonderful party food. We were treated as Royalty, and again provided with an excellent guide who could give us a lot of information about this very special building and its history.


We started our second day, after a good nights sleep and a nice breakfast at First Millenium Hotel with a visit to the new Oslo Opera House, and Renny and Lawrence were able to arrange for an incredible guided tour there as well. Only the best for our guests you know! We were given an explaination of the thoughts behind the architecture, as well as a peek in the main stage, and a peek behind the scenes where dancers and musicians are practicing, scenes and costumes are being made and art is being created long before it reaches our eyes and ears!


In the afternoon it was time to visit the Royal Castle and of course all the tourists want to see the changing of the guards!


And in the evening we took a boat ride on the fjord out to a little island where we were served the most delicous dinner.

Many of us chose the fresh seafood of course, but if you are not a seafood lover there were very good choices of chicken or meats available as well.

I feel it is safe to say that everyone is well satisfied and enjoying the trip here in Oslo. And we are having fun playing host, getting to know people and acting like tourists in our own home town. We are even living at the hotel you know so we don’t miss any of the action!! Now it is really time for bed hahaha! Good night and see you all again soon!

OsloBG preparty party!!

Yes friends the day has finally arrived, it is after midnight so now it is the 19th of August and the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 is underway. This evening we were at TorAa’s home where Claudie and her husband Pierre, plus Mrs. and Mr. Lifecruiser are staying for the OsloBG. Since Claudie was nice enough to open her home in the south of France to us last year Tor is returning the favor and inviting the people from her gathering to his home this year for OsloBG. We had a reuinion with our old friends this evening and it was a lovely time.


TorAa, Lifecruiser and us were all eager to give our French friends a taste of Scandinavia, and thus we have all made some food and had a tremendously large 5 course (at least) dinner!! I think next time we are eager to introduce our food maybe we shouldn’t try to do it all in one day hahaha but it was lovely, and delicious and fun. But honestly I couldn’t eat even one crumb more!!


Mr. Lifecruiser is excellent on the keyboards, so there was music and food, dance and of course Tor was ready with champagne for the guests. It is rumored that Claudie drinks nothing but champagne you know…and I am not telling if that rumor is true or not. You will have to find out for yourself.


So we are off to a roaring good start to the OsloBG and upon our late arrival to First Millenium Hotel we heard the good news that all our guests who are staying at the hotel have checked in. So tomorrow we are off for our first site seeing and will likely greet the rest of our guests at the morning buffet! Better get some sleep then!! Good night!

Meeting friends in Vigeland Park in Oslo

Well we are now back in Oslo. We have a lot of plans the next few days, not the least of which is getting ready for OsloBG! I am getting really nervous now!! In one week we will be welcoming lots of visitors to our home town of Oslo. All of which we know from our contact online, but few of which we have actually met in person. So we are in a great deal of suspence thinking about how all of this will go. We have the details well planned out now, but there is always a little touch of nervousness before one has guests, and when you have invited guests from all over the world to a four day long get together, well those butterflies are clearly extra large this time. Then again we have had an exciting summer so far with lots of visitors and arrangements and it has all gone well so far, so I just have to have faith!!

Video of Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

We had another chance to practice a bit which went wonderfully. We went to Vigeland Sculpture Park in the heart of Oslo to meet a family from the UK who we have met through Facebook. Another great example of how social media is bringing people closer together. Anne-Marie started reading our blogs because they were interested in Norway. They have been here many times and were planning a trip this summer as well. After being in touch with us online they took a chance and asked if we could meet up while they were in the area. We were glad to have the opportunity to get to know new people and show them around our home.

I tossed some sandwiches and drinks in my bag and off we went to meet these nice strangers! And nice they were. A talkative group who were touring with three of their four children (their fourth was at home caring for the familes animals). We wandered around admiring the statues, the park, talking about Norway, Oslo, vacation and everything else under the sun. They had really great kids too, intellegent and easy to talk to. Within a short time we were all like all friends and the day just flew.

In fact time flew so quickly that I didn’t even take out my phone or camera to take any photos. I mean imagine that – me not taking any photos. Well I was busy talking all the time, guess that’s my excuse. So when I wanted to write about this post and share my day with you all I went on the net and found quite a good video on YouTube. It gives a really nice impression of Vigeland Park, which all our guest will be enjoying next week! Take a peek!

Facebook, Twitter and social media. Can’t live with em can’t live without em!

Facebook, Twitter and other forms for social media seem to be entering our lives for good. I have to admit to being on them about every day. This week I think they have saved me sanity as I have had a backslide…quite literally, as my back seems to have slid out of its proper position and has kept me hostage in the living room for most of the week. But are they the communication of the future, or are they the ultimate time wasters? Or both?



I have many uses for social media and definitely am not about to give it up. I am able to follow along with what my friends and family are up to. This has proved to be invaluable in the case of my sons, and my brothers. My oldest son has moved out, and as long as I can pop in and see that he has been active on facebook I know he is okay. I also keep in contact with my remaining family in the USA. They don’t always have time to send me an email, but it is nice sometimes to see that Johnny is online and say a quick hi. Ask about his wife and his job hunt and take an ever so small step into his daily life.



But it also opens our lives to many other people. My husband, RennyBA,  has 2,519 followers on Twitter, this year between his blog, Twitter and Facebook he had well over 100 well wishes for his birthday this 4th of November. And for all of you who sent him a card or a greeting he was very happy for this. But at the same time, that was a heck of a lot of completion. It’s not always easy for even me to get through all that ‘noise’. How does one compete with that kind of attention?Well one doesn’t, one rises above completion, at least I do.

Island Paradise game

Facebook game Island Paradise

And then there are the games, which I am hopelessly hooked on. I have cut down upon returning to full time work however. My favourites are Farmville, Island Paradise, Yoville, and Mafia Wars. But I wholeheartedly admit these are mindless time wasters. In fact that is kind of the point, when I am done with my work day my intelligent energy is pretty much used up solving the countless situations I am faced with on a daily basis. I am looking for a totally mindless outlet with an immediate reward. I was never much of a video game player but these facebook people, they are smart. They make games which appeal to women, and which can be played in 15 minutes a day…or you can use more time if you have more time. They are there to get us hooked, and to entertain us.

I have no other response here except to say that social media is here to stay. It is the communication of the future and it does connect us somehow to our past and far off worlds. I have regained contact with people which I haven’t thought of in years, others who I have thought of but lost contact with and wondered how they were, and I have learned new things about people I see every day.

You can’t live with it, you can’t live without it….but you certainly shouldn’t be left out. How do you use your social media? Or do you resist the urge to stay and play? Inquiring minds want to know, I want to know….

If you don’t know what Twitter is….Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates via SMS, instant messaging, email, to the Twitter website, or any one of the multitude of Twitter applications now available.

If you don’t know what Facebook is….it’s a great way to meet friends and keep up on what they are doing. Once you add a friend to your Facebook friend list you will always know when they are adding things to their blog or updating their profile. Join Facebook groups to meet people like you, or browse the profiles to find new friends. Facebook’s classmates and co-worker search is good for finding friends too.

If you aren’t connected with me yet you can find me at Twitter by searcing for DianeCas, and on facebook by clicking on the link!

If social media isn’t enough and you want to meet us in person, don’t forget that you have the opportunity by joining the Oslo Blog Gathering 2009!!