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Professional interests and information

This page is presented for my professional use. Here I will place my educational papers and projects, plus my CV in order to make them electronically available to interested parties. Thank you for stopping by and viewing my work!

Bacheloroppgaven? klikk her! DianeCAmundsenbachelor

Master thesis click her!Breaking_away_ D.Amundsen_lighterversion

master thesis click above link!

CV? Click here!  cvdiane09

Comments on: "Professional interests and information" (1)

  1. Connie Ritchie said:

    Hi, Diane–How do you pronounce ‘Hole’–I am doing genealogy work on my family-my great-great grandfather was Peter Johnson Holey from Norway. I assume his name was Peter Johnson from Hole. I’m just wondering how the name would be pronounced. Is it hole that rhymes with pole, or Holey as in Holy Bible, or some other pronouciation? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Connie Ritchie

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