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That pretty much sums it up today. As most of you know I work nights and weekends because I am a student by day. So for me the work week begins this evening after a long and lovely Easter vacation. In Norway Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Eve, 1st Easter day and (monday) 2.Easter day are all holidays which most people have off. The shops are closed and businesses are closed so the only ones working are hospitals and such, gas stations, and some but not all restuarants. I have had a long and pleasant vacation of nearly one week. We started on Wednesday morning and didn’t come home until last night.

As many know we had a visit from TorAa while we were at our vacation home. We ate lots of good food, drank lots of good wine, and had tons of fun. In Norway it is popular to play quiz in the Easter holiday, so the major magazines come out with quiz books with 500 questions or 600 questions. We had a quiz every night and competed on who could answer the most questions!

RennyBA enjoying a hotdog outdoors

On Saturday evening we traveled to Renny’s parents house and prepared for our Easter Sunday Bunny Egg Hunt. We had lots of fun running around in the snow and having a snowy grill party out in the forest. Memories none of us will ever forget….

But NOW right now, I have to go downstairs and get dressed so I can get the 22:30 bus to work. Did you ever notice that the longer you have off the harder it is to go back?? How many others have the blues with me? Bet there are lots of us. Well one advantage I have, when I go back to work tonight then I will be over it tomorrow. I know once I get there I will be happy to see my coleagues and start getting things done.

Have a good evening everybody, I’m off to work!

Comments on: "The I-don’t-want-to-go-back-to-work blues" (7)

  1. Like you said: this sums up the most my dear. And while you go to work, I have a date with Mr. Sandman 😆
    We have a lot of good memories though, unforgettable and I’m so glad I can share all this family traditions with you – it doubles the fun you know!

    DianeCA: And thank you for sharing it all with me! These memories will last us a lifetime:-)

  2. Today was a long day for us. We had to get up early, drive to Boston for my eye specialists appointment. We didn’t get home until nearly 4:30. The weekend went far too fast and I wish it had lasted longer!
    I love the picture you took of Renny! Looks like you both had a fun time!

    Yeah, my Renny is a charmer isn’t he. I don’t know if he quite understands how much I adore him 😉 Hope your eye appointment went okay. I hate using a whole day on such errands, but if you’ve got a good doctor then I am sure it is worth it in the end.

  3. well, i am an at home mom but i am very much dreading making everyone get up tomorrow at 5:30am….ugh!

    sounds like a lovely holiday was had by all though.

    DianeCA: Well I am sure glad I am not one of your kids…5:30! No way! LOL!! I will have to tell my sons this, they will really appreciate me for letting them sleep til 7:30 now!!

  4. What an exciting Easter celebration with family and friends Diane 😀

    Yes, it is hard after a long break but I always looked forward to my work too as you mentioned, with friends and colleagues, have a wonderful week ahead Diane.

    DianeCA: Well the advantage was that I took the leap into the work week before everybody else, so when all the other were going through withdrawal after a long vacation I was in the swing of things again!!

  5. I know that old feeling – old because I’m currently in between jobs now (apart from the freelancing I’m doing) as you probably know. Hehe. Hope it wasn’t too difficult readjusting! Linking you – finally (sorry I forgot) 🙂

    DianeCA: Link love is always good hehehe! It must be nice freelancing in a way, you get to set your own schedule and choose your own projects. A lot of artistic freedom??

  6. I love the idea of the quizzes for Easter! How interesting. You sure have a lot of time off too..in France, only Easter Monday is a day off. I sadly tried to make some phone calls to other European countries for my job on Friday afternoon and that was a very bad idea! France has lots of days off, but not Good Friday.

    I’m really fascinated by life in Northern countries and am enjoying reading your blog as well as Renny’s. You sound very busy — school and work! Yikes!

    My life gets pretty hectic sometimes but I guess I am happiest when I am burning the candle at both ends as they say! I know France has a much shorter Easter, but I think Norway is at the extreme other end, for example I don’t know any other scandinavian countries that have holy Thursday off. But hey, I’m on the recieving end of days off here, so I am not arguing!!

  7. Yes, as a teacher, I used to get all of July and Aug. off u ntil it was time to go in the last week of Aug. to prepre the room for kids and it was harder going back after such a long time! You’d come to think you didn’t really have a job!!

    I can’t believe how many more holidays you seem to get over there than in Canada! And everyone seems to be well enough off to own a summer home and perhaps a winter home plus a regular home. here, you are really lucky to either have a cottage passed downto you or be able to afford to buy one.

    Many of the summer homes or cottages here are also inherited through the family, and often families will have one cottage shared by several siblings. Another difference is when I talk about cottage I mean cottage – many are very rustic without for example indoor bathrooms, but they are lovely just the same. Our vaction ‘home’ is actually a self owned apartment.
    When it comes to vacation time the scandinavian countries are quite liberal. The workers unions here are still quite strong, being a social democracy. I used to live in the US myself and never had more then 2 weeks vaction time, when I came here I thought we had quite a lot – but I got used to it quickly enough 🙂

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