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Clearing our minds in 2009

Every New Year I must admit that I reflect over how quickly time is passing and I feel a bit sad realizing how much of my life I have already used up. Our lives, on this planet anyway, are not endless states, and it is important to think about ourselves, our needs, our health and what is important to us.

Generally health conscious people know how to take care of themselves and their families. All of us probably realize that what you put IN your body is very important. So hopefully you are eating a healthy diet. Here in the Amundsen family we have a 20 year old vegetarian, and a Mom (me) with food allergies so we are very conscious of what we eat these days. I think it is especially important to avoid junk food and manufactured food-like substances, also known as processed foods.

Fresh air and fresh minds in the mountains in Norway

Fresh air and fresh minds in the mountains in Norway

However one area of toxicity which we may be overlooking is what you put in your ears, eyes and mind. I am talking about what you ingest mentally; through the tv and the radio, the news, newspapers, movies!

Sadly, the news and media these days overpowering us with negative, anxiety and fear-producing stories. While I absolutely believe we should know what is happening in the world, I would strongly suggest being careful about taking in too much of that fear and negativity. It can be bad for your health. I normally try to limit myself to one or two rounds of news per day. Usually I get the evening news, and possibly also a news report in the morning on the radio. Believe me, if there is anything important going on you will get it through these two sources, nobody is going to miss the big story.

Just as you wouldn’t mindlessly slather on toxins in your skin care or eat nasty chemicals in your food, it is just as important to be careful about what your mind ingests. Look for positive, inspiring stories, movies and music to lift your mind and heart. Two current recommendations, Mamma Mia and Sex in the City both out on video now. If you go to the cinema I suggest seeing Yes Man!! Take joy in the blessings of health, family and friends. And if it is getting you down, turn off the news.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2009. I strongly believe that in making conscious choices and efforts to improve our state of mind, we make the world a better place for ourselves and each other. Tell me what you are doing to take care of your mind in 2009???

Remember to drop in and visit Renny’s blog, read his latest post on War and Peace and most of all VOTE!!!

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  1. truly, some of the things billed as “entertainment” are horrifying.

    excellent reminders, diane.

    Oh and I didn’t even get going on movies…I just hate these pointless hack and slash films that they call horror…I like a real exciting movie from time to time but am really tired of a pack of teens getting killed because they are too stupid to leave when people turn up dead type of so called thriller……..

  2. I’m trying to stay positive through the power of positive thinking and prayer.
    You know I got into eating healthfully last year and now in ’09 I see I am facing such big challenges that surrounding myself with beautiful stories, music and movies, will be a large part of my program.
    I do not go to horror films. I do not read crime or horror novels. Hubby claims I like love stories and chick flicks. Probably true. Most of all, I love to laugh!
    So there we go. Let’s work at staying positive and making each other laugh!

    DianeCA: We are keeping you two near and dear to our hearts right now. I do believe that laughter and holding on to the lighter side of life is important for health and HEALING the positive power of the mind and spirit is immensely important for your health, so you are doing the best for the both of you.

  3. A happy and healthy year to you, too!

    DianeCA: Thank you…give your mind good ‘food’ its good for you!

  4. If you eat real Italian food it is very healthy and that’s what we have done since we are married ! (nearly 40 years) our son was never interested in junk food not even in sweets. I watch the news when they are bad I explode, tell my opinion and go over to my all day worries. A lot of things wich are happening just now (like Gaza) happened already when I was 20 ! nothing has changed ….

    DianeCA: I do believe we can be committed to Peace, and made a difference in this world without hearing horrible statistics 24 hours a day. I adore healthy italian food too, so I’ll be right over!! Are the three kings done with the Ferrari??

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more Diane. I used to let my kids play games and play station and watch lots of tV until I read ‘Toxic childhood’. A lot of bells and whistles went off! I threw away the playstation, Bart Simpson DVDs etc and I can definitely say that it has paid off.

    Never been a TV person myself – just to much else to do. But the kids do love ‘family movie time’ on Fridays.

    DianeCA: Good for you! And watching the movies with your kids is a great opportunity to connect with them afterwards, and cuddle on the couch too!

  6. I get what you mean Diane and it is getting depressing just by flipping the newspaper lately – all the crisis, wars and what have you.

    I love our optimisim 😀

    DianeCA: I think we can be concerned with what is going on in the world, and still live in gratitude for the peace we are blessed with in our lives. Inner peace is ours and no one can take that from us unless we allow them to.

  7. Nothing new under the Sky, but compared to earlier times we know what happens the very same second regardless of where on this wired globe.

    The news in the media covers mostly inscidents that are out of line, i.e. not normal.
    But “News” are only a tiny part of the total media picture. Luckely.

    Have a great new year.
    Hope to see you soon in person – all of your wonderful family.

    DianeCA: Good friends like you and Anna are a great part of healthy new year, and definitely have a place in a peaceful world.

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